Hi everybody and welcome to „Mundo Global“! I chose this name because it sums up the things that influence me, make me thinking about or inspire me. First of all there is my passion for travelling. I’m really blessed about the trips I could do until now – and there are so many things on my bucketlist! I also had the opportunity to live in the South of Germany – because I’m originally from North Germany. So I could also get to know a lot about other traditions, food, lifestyle etc. I also grew up in two cultures with two native languages, a thing that had an impact on my life. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m really interested in learning languages and why I love to be with people from all over the world. I choose a spanish name – because of my fascinaton for the language and my biggest dream to travel to South America one day. I decided to add „cooking“ to my blog – because it is also one of those things I really love to do. Yours, Sylvia ❤